Bill Gates & I are brothers :)

31 01 2008

After long time I thought to go to my city’s local newspaper site ( ) and found headline news in world section like “Ancestor for Arishwarya Rai & Angelina Julie are same”. I was dazed after reading it.

Usually, some newspapers rely on content from other resources via internet world. I found similar story in IBNLive too. However, I stretch my head to know more about it and did google turns out to be recent science search shows that 99.5 pc blue-eyed people have the same mutation in genes that determines the iris’ colour. [more].

Anyway, point here is that to share/promote medical research media uses most salable celebrities so articles get penetrate in market easily. Here both news media are showing two celebrities photographs whose eyes are GREEN BLUE. They sounds sober to me ;). I wouldn’t surprise if some news article shows same article in below heading.

  • Oh My God! Brother Brad Pitt (Blue Eye) & Sister Angelina Julie are married.
  • Beware Abhishek Bachhan, Karishma Kapoor (Blue Eye) & Aishwarya Rai are ancestor.
  • Believe it or not! Raj kapoor & Elvis Presely were brothers!

Medical Science news also requires spicy media boost. Now a day, Britney Spears is booming media industry by her social drama.

I had good laugh when read an article for their tagging so thought to write up.

Who says that outsource is only decade old business? Arishwarya Rai’s ancient family was outsourced to India 10,000 years back.

BTW, if above study also become true for BROWN EYE then let me declare that I & Bill Gates are brothers. 😉

After seeing ours ( me & Chini ) birth chart, Astrologer always predicted that we will receive hidden money sometime someday. I never believed that but now seeing little hope. One day some scientist prove that BROWN EYE are ancestors so my brother Bill Gates think to share his 0.10% wealth. 😉

I won’t favor linux anymore, Bill. Promise.

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   |:_/ |
  //   \ \
 (|     | )
/'\_   _/`\

What a Ride? It bites though ;)

30 01 2008

This is crazy video, don’t know where to fall in speed.

Amazing & Scary, huh.

It’s good that helmet and all biker’s gear are in place.

Happy & Safe Biking .. Bikers ;).

Windows Ka Kamal — No Doubt it is Window OS

29 01 2008

I was just surfing and found interesting pictures about my favorite OS Windows …. and I can undoubtedly say “Windows Ka Kamal”. It is hilarious.

I only have one worry that when I will have to go for surgery and those medical machine are hook up with any Window then my chances to survive is slim as below blue screens. I wish by that time medical system get immune by blue sudden death screen. In USA, if you are not married then insurance is higher than married guy.. In similar way, I won’t be surprize if health insurance will ask that your hospital is having window os equipment or others…. And, if it is Windows then your monthly premium will go up. 🙂










Now imagine, what if you are flying at 30,000 feet and windows act as above. 🙂 SCARY.

BUT, we can’t live without WINDOWS so better accept it.

“Things don’t change, you change”

Beauty of winter before it ends!!!

28 01 2008

It’s end of January and winter is just at its graceful end. However, it tends to give pleasant time before ends. And, I believe today was the day.

Yesterday we went to bed and all of sudden Chini woke me up and shown plesant view from our bedroom window. Snow is everywhere piling inch by inch and moon light reflection on snow was creating amazing view. It was midnight ( or you can say first hour of today ) but bright light after reflection was giving perfect picture. I simply figured this out that tomorrow will be fun time 😉 in snow.

In back of my mind, I was thinking tons of benefits of on going snowfall and those are

1. In snow, Gym is optional. I go to Gym daily but waking up myself in early morning is always hardest part so you can imagine my lazy bones were enjoying freedom.
2. In snow, work is mandatory but don’t you remember your childhood. Whenever there was heavy rain in city, kids go to school and principal offered to leave early. ;). I had same feeling for today. And, who doesn’t?
3. In snow, outdoor activity is fun and playing with snow is refreshing

By the time I start my work saw couple of email about concerning snow and advise to work from home. 🙂

So, you can imagine now that my day has begun with tons of fun

I finished few morning meetings and completed work that was required and then lunch @ home with Chini was alluring enough. I like to eat at home rather at work and reasons are

1. No need to warm up food at work kitchen’s microwave during peak time. The reason is that my veggie food gets all kind of flavor after reheat like sea-food, noodles, beef, etc. And, vice a versa, others get my garlic food smell in theirs. 🙂
2. No surprises in lunch, you know before it take place 😉
3. Eat fresh at home with Chini

Well, it is all about work and food. But, now my favorite part of the day is waiting for us in snowy days. It was time to play with snow, go out with Chini for walk and enjoy weather. So, I asked Chini to go for walk

જીવનની ભીંસમાં કરમાઇ જાતાં વાર નહિ લાગે
તરોતાજા સ્મરણનો હાથ ઝાલીને જરા નીકળીયે.

પડ્યાં રહેવું ન ઘરમાં પાલવે બ૨ફીલા મોસમમાં
ભીના વાતાવરણનો હાથ ઝાલીને જરા નીકળીયે.

It was indeed fun during walk, we saw snowman and enjoy watching kids snow sliding.

Back to work schedule from home.

Bottom line, I still get goosebumps whenever get chance to sneak out from routine schedule. There is weather prediction that tomorrow will snowy day again. (Day Dreaming).

x-ing my fingers.

Phone Service War in Old days — Hillarious

27 01 2008

Youtube sometimes gives you great fun, and reminds your old days.

Below video is about Phone Service provider war to attract customer in those days.

I still remember phone calls from customer representative with attractive money refund offers. And, whenever there was get together it was mostly discussed topic (like today’s iPhone) who is offering what and who got best offer so far. We Gujju are keen in this skill since childhood, so top in businesses and proudful too. ;).

I remember switching services on different names of roommates to fool PSP’s (Phone Service Providers) fine line terms & conditions, and once roommate names were used then try to use different addresses. That’s not end, we then used PO BOX addresses and we were ready to move out to different apartment with 2 x (32×30”) baggages + sleeping bag 😉 if PSP’s offer attractive money offer ;). Bottom line was to get best deal out of PSPs pocket 😉 by switching service and make them fool.

And, why not?. We were paying huge amount to call to our family members in India and these PSP never came forward to give us good rate so this was alternative way to lower our telephone bills.

I don’t surprize these PSPs are no longer making profit and some of them are already bankrupt. They took all Indian’s sigh when PSP’s were

· sending huge bills

· messing up calling rate from 0.65cents/min to 3.56cent/min

· charging hefty monthly charge for just to have facility to call

· cutting our telephone calls in between of recipe exchange and had to have food without proper taste

· not letting us to connect back home during Diwali Time due to busy lines

And, after seeing above video I only have one regret that we weren’t offered MCI’s deal ( Sorry Chini 😉 ) during that time frame. After all those war where they are.

MCI is bankrupt due to MCI were spending most to treat their customer(s) and they were having unfaithful staff.

Sprit is sinking due to their Al-Quida support got weaken so their terrified customer are moving to different career. By the way, Sprint’s customer service sucks.

at&t is still up due to I work here. 😉

“Are you completely satisfied with the level of service blog you received today?”

Courtesy Thanks to Jeremy Saville.

Happy Republic Day – India My Pride

26 01 2008

Happy Republic Day to All.

I am proud person being Indian origin. We have done really good progress in 58 years of freedom.

I liked Chankya serial and it’s one of song is all time favorite to me.

Jai Hind

हम करें राष्ट आराधन

हम करें राष्ट आराधन
तन से मन से धन से
तन मन धन जीवनसे
हम करें राष्ट आराधन………………।।…धृ

अन्तर से मुख से कृती से
निश्र्चल हो निर्मल मति से
श्रध्धा से मस्तक नत से
हम करें राष्ट अभिवादन…………………। १

अपने हंसते शैशव से
अपने खिलते यौवन से
प्रौढता पूर्ण जीवन से
हम करें राष्ट का अर्चन……………………।२

अपने अतीत को पढकर
अपना ईतिहास उलटकर
अपना भवितव्य समझकर
हम करें राष्ट का चिंतन…।………………।३

है याद हमें युग युग की जलती अनेक घटनायें
जो मां के सेवा पथ पर आई बनकर विपदायें
हमने अभिषेक किया था जननी का अरिशोणित से
हमने शृंगार किया था माता का अरिमुंडो से

हमने ही ऊसे दिया था सांस्कृतिक उच्च सिंहासन
मां जिस पर बैठी सुख से करती थी जग का शासन
अब काल चक्र की गति से वह टूट गया सिंहासन
अपना तन मन धन देकर हम करें पुन: संस्थापन………………।४

Work without Google or any search engine.

25 01 2008

I know I am talking too much about google even not working there. But, I am using it extensively and addictive so would like to check with you as well. Take a poll by clicking below link.

Are you comfortable to work without Google or any search engine access?