Frankly Speaking — Narendra Modi will turn Gujarat into an economic powerhouse

20 01 2008

Two days back we were surfing internet and found interesting speech of NAMO. And, he made us proudful for Gujarat. His motto to take Gujarat in top by improving educational structure, encourage global businesses, and make terrorist free powerful state to give 5 ½ crores citizen of Gujarat their bright future.

Frankly Speaking – Interview with Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is MAN for Gujarat and his dedication will give Gujarat new identity in long run. His leadership is remarkable and so is work. He is keen in politics and giving Gujarat new height. His career goal is to make Gujarat valuable.

As far as I know some of his personal quotes are below.

1. Gujarat is my soul and India is God

2. Those days are gone where anybody ( alio-malio in his word ) rule on Gujarat. We will make Gujarat powerful.

3. Gujarat won’t hurt anyone by any mean but if someone will hurt Gujarat then Gujarat won’t keep mum. [ int no jawab patthar thi ]

4. We 5 1/2 crores Gujaratis.

According to me he is going to put his 100% to build Gujarat (“asmita“) powerful, productive and most valuable state of India. His goal is clear and focused so he will get success and being Gujarati I am feeling confident again after Sardar Patel. And, his political goal, mission and ambitious is to achieve 13.5% GDP rate, which will be highest among all states. He believes in MISSION not in controversial ISSUES.

“a leader who, after being subjected to a malicious and prolonged campaign of vilification, has been able to impress even his critics with his determination, single-minded focus, integrity and a wide array of achievements in a relatively short time.”

Today, Gujarat is rated as the number one state in India. In a short span of just five years since Narendra Modi took over as the Chief Minister, Gujarat has achieved the highest degree of administrative efficiency and modernization. In fact, Gujarat has become the best-governed state in the country where regional and national pride is overflowing.

Without a doubt, most credit for Gujarat’s phenomenal progress goes to Narendra Modi. We owe him a huge debt for his courage, dedication and tenacity in putting Gujarat back on its feet. Thanks to his iron will and wisdom, terrorism – the global curse of the 21st century has been eliminated from the soil of Gujarat transforming Gujarat into the most secure state in India.

Today in politics “The BJP in Gujarat: For Modi, by Modi, of Modi”

Gujjus are with you NAMO, you will make it. Best of luck.

Narendra Modi’s Video Collection

Vande Mataram. – Garvi Gujarat




12 responses

3 05 2008

I am a fan of modi, and we need many modis in india to change the face of our country. He should be the CM of gujarat as long as he is alive. Great character and conviction.

23 05 2008

really, seems to me you missed the whole “riot” charade that he put on… Maybe if you read your history, you’ll find that Adolf Hitler (the Nazi ruler in case you don’t remember) was also very GREAT and the MAN for his country. Of course, discounting the millions of Jews he massacred. But, what the hell, we really must stop blaming these guys for the little genocidal mistakes they have committed eh?
Yeah, you are right, only Mr. Modi can bring back the “asmita” of Gujarat.

3 06 2008
Jayantilal K Jethwa

India needs one Narendra Modi in each state to become a top country in the world in just 10 years. To reach this stage. India will take 20 years, if it has 3 Narendra Modis. With one N. Modi, only Gujrat will be powerful, prosperous and peaceful. But the Congress party will take India to the doomsday with support of Commies, if it gets another term. The BJP was dorment till Karnataka victory. It is out of slumber. It must take tips from N. Modi to repeat Gujrat in India.

5 06 2008
Dinesh Dalwadi

Word once tell, not to come back.
Teer once through, not to come back.
Same as for Respected Narendra Modiji for Gujarat only as a CM ?

5 06 2008
Dinesh Dalwadi

We like Modiji only for his hard work with time management, so each and every project should be fastest then other state.
I hope Modiji opening every project with a popular respected, non-political aged person, who’s thought only possitive for country.

25 07 2008

Why do you restrict Modi’s supporters just to Gujaratis? There are hundreds of crores of Indians besides Gujaratis who support NAMO and want him as PM.

2 01 2009

Modiji is a kind of person who knows and believes in success, he works on all possible areas to improve on. Most of the Indians have realized the importance and value of such a leader, which we have in Gujarat. India needs many more Modiji to survive against any calamities.

Personally, I am proud of Modiji and wish him all the best for all his efforts, he makes all Gujarati’s and Indian stand tall in all parts of the world.

30 01 2009

How about imbibe NM’s qualities in ourself rather than praising him !!!!!!!

9 05 2009

Narendra Modi is only a media person, he can handdle the media as per his personal requirements. Narendra Modi is a dectator. He is actively involove in the morder case of gujrat’s former Home Minister Shree Haren Pandya as per the statement of Pandya’s father. Pankaj Trivedi mordered and morder are still not cought, everybody knows the morder. Asharambapu, two childern where killed in his ashram, case is moved nowhere.

as far as development is concern, Gujarati’s are always prograsive, development of gujarat is just becouse of gujaratis, narendra modi has done nothing, BJP goverment in gujarat since last 18 years in power. 0 increase in power genration capacity of gujarat costliest electicity rate in all over india. if you see the conditions of Roads in Gujarat State Highways its very bad. All the national Highways are in very good conditions and maintained very well. Education, Modi has privatised every lavel of education. Modi has raised the rate of VAT in last budget, and given examption in VAT to TATA’s, What does it mean? has given 9500 crs. Loan to TATA’s for Nano Plant with intrest rate of 0.1% and repayment will start after 20yrs. can i ask “WHY”? just becouse due to roits gujarat goverment lost the confidance amongs the Industialist, to win back the confidence of those profit making people.

Narendra Modi has done nothing for Gujarat and Gujaratis. He is only a dectator in BJP, so no one can go against him.

Narendra Modi is weight on gujarat.

I hate Him.

25 10 2010

I am not able to understand the cause behind hate. If narender modi has done nothing then why is it progressing with reckless speed. Why not other states.

Remember progress depends upon leadership

remember that one scholar had said.

A group of 100 sheep led by a lion is better than a group of 100 lions led by a sheep

1 04 2010

I am becoming fan of Narendra Modi after getting truth of shinning of Gujarat. He is the man who delivered Gujarat in upper stage. During his ministry, growth rate of Gujarat have increasing compare to other stats. Who was responsible for degrading growth rate of Gujarat in last couple of years. Kindly check from my following article.

8 04 2011

those who have no identity,and those who have no proof,they are only using anonymous name.i like modi’s leadership and he bring lots of progress,those who are blaming him must understand one thing,all the conflicts are coming because of economic backwardness.

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