Believe in Family

26 12 2008

Read below line — not one time many times … and keep reading until your brain completely gets in it.

Always cherish and love your family. They will always be your true friends. – Steve Wong.

This is a statement from my good friend Steve Wong.  He just doesn’t say for saying – he believes in it and proved it in his 30s. He is youngest chap (Asian) in his family and married to nice wife Heidi (American), have two kids. Asians are more like Indian in beliefs and believe in family values – He has high values for his family so clear vision too. He doesn’t have high values for his family due to he got rich, popular and/or got smooth life from his parent – they had to move from Cambodia to USA during Cambodian Civil War, struggled lot in America and raise their children in USA. You can imagine how hard his childhood must be.  Recently his elder brother Tom got diagnosed with both kidney failures. It was on initial phase and going for dialysis every week. It becomes routine for Tom to go to dialysis twice a week, it is painful process. Doctor recommended to have replacement and that the only option for him to have little normal life than painful life. In USA, it is a 3-5 years wait to get donar unless Tom seek it from foriegn country. Tom was seriously thinking to get replacement as he got baby recently and wanted to play sports with him and who doesn’t. He was okay on dialysis though and could have waited 2-3 years easily for donor. However, Steve Wong as younger brother and family member simply thought why his brother has to even wait for 2-3 years and get pain when he can donate right away. He determined himself and went for checkup at hospital to make it sure he is candidate as donar. And, he got +ve results too. No matter of time — he gave dream to Tom to have him in normal life so he can play with his kids. It is easy to talk about philosophy but when times come it is extremely hard to perform.

I just learnt yesterday that Steve Wong undergone for surgery and gave his kidney to Tom. Both Steve & Tom are doing well.  And, all this happens in short time frame due to Steve not only wanted to give Tom his life but do not wanted him to fall in depression due to ongoing painful dialysis process.  He made it – they made it — family made it. They all have celebrated Xmas together. He quoated above statement in his Xmas gift photo album and distributed to all family members with their childhood fun photographs. 

He believes in his family so his values are way up than usual person thinks.  I salute him for this great help to his family — same time  equal credit goes to Heidi too to think broadly and let him allow what he wanted to do for his family. Steve himself has his own family and in his 30s – it is not easy to give up kidney at his age. Believe me; it is extremely hard when times come to you.

I admire him for doing it for his family members and his statement too.

Always cherish and love your family. They will always be your true friends. – Steve Wong.

Steve is hero ( not saying but performer ) for his family.

I wish Steve & Tom both get well soon from this surgery and play pickleball together with their kids.

I will keep this in mind always and pray to god to give me courage/strength like Steve so when time comes for my family I am there.




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