Two weeks in Snow after return from India

28 12 2008

You know — all we know when anyone visit India ( hometown ) after few years in foreign country you get all attention, best food at home and at lorry/restaurants and colors in life with plenty of events.  Your life become amazing, eventful, resourceful, stress free, foody and top of that with your family friends adds their company in it. 

Life becomes dynamic to static — I say 1000% more dynamic than life in USA in terms of events. I keep reading acronym now in most of online retailer sites “What’s shaking?” and they show item which is getting sold out with high percentage.  When you go to India after few years — you are shacking with 10000% or more and that too for fun and upon your return to USA you are shaking 1% only at home.  Hard to believe and feel left alone. This time it is in -100% at home too.  Why? 

It would have 1%  ( normal ) if Chini would have with me but no she wasn’t with me.  She choose to stay there longer than me so lucky girl, and she is.

I returned after so many events in my life ( visited Karnataka, forest camping, marraige, Rajasthan trip, camelride, social get togethers ) in USA and the day I landed in Seattle, snow was waiting for me to give company. Usually weather in Seattle is rainy but this time it was waiting for me to come and show how good snowfall is. I like snow fall and miss sometime when hear more about east-coast snowfall — but this time it has changed all calculations. 

The day I landed I thought — I will have two weeks now until Chini joins me and have post marraige bachelor time with Amish Patel whose wife is also visiting India. But when you think beyond your imagination then nature gives you answer. And, nature was in support of her —  I have two weeks and snow was falling upto two weeks — can’t go outside, drive car, play games and visit dear ones.

It was falling like anything and inch by inch — day by day — it piled 28″ and no life except be at home. I can’t drive, go out, meet friends, no pizza delivery and NO CHINI 😦 at home.  I think I felt more about snow due to her absence. 

You can imagine transition from eventful life to no event life.  You can’t even go out. I celebrated white Xmas by myself in snow at home with lots of TV shows. 

સફેદ બરફ સાથે કરો તારા-મૈત્રી

ક્યાં કોઇ ખાસ પ્રતીક્ષામાં ભીંજાવાનું છે.

ઘર માં રોજ ગબડવાનું છે ખુલ્લી આંખે

ને ફરી ટોચ સુધી એકલા ચડવાનું છે.

કોઇ પછડાટ નહીં, વ્હાણ નહીં, ફીણ નહીં

સંગે-મરમરની લહેરોમાં તણાવાનું છે

Bottomline we had extreme snow here in Seattle, WA since I landed ( Dec 14, 2008) and just stopped falling day before Chini is returning — so without Chini my life has no colors and luck. My pizza craving will get over once she will join me as Pizza hut it going to start delivering to comunity :).

Pray to god – no more snowfall for time being.  I had it enough.




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