About ( મારા િવશે )

Welcome, Namaste, આવો બેસો અને ચા પીતા પીતા વાતો કરીયે.

I am someone on this earth so doing something to survive. I enjoy internet world, movies, music, humor and obviously my guests like you.

I had passion to solve puzzles like below.



Hmm… Am I trying to show guest that my IQ matches to Albert Einstein? Take it easy, I am not genius. However, I am living my life with joy, cherish each moment and building great memories with Chini for my 70es.

Why am I blogging? Well, my mind generates many trash thoughts so dumping here rather than writing on paper and waste it. You know, I believe in global warming so help it indirectly. And, another reasons are

a) discuss topics with you

b) share my feelings to virtual world

c) meet you 🙂

I love music, fun, humor, internet world and technical gadgets.

And, my goal is to get PhD degree in Google Technology :).

My favorite cartoon character is Dilbert

         {{} {}}
        |      ~~ ~~
       |@       ' '|  Work Smarter, not harder...
        |        --.  /
        |        __'         _______
        |        O |        |       |
        ''';.......         |       |
        """'..()...|______.---,     |
       /  \\  /\  //      | |~      |
      /    || | | || _____| |       |
     /     \\/  \//  |     -|_______|
     |      \\..//   |            |       \\//    |

Thanks for visiting and knowing me.

ગુજરાતી વાચકો ફરી આવજો,

(^_^) or (^-^) or (^ ^) or (^.^)

I don’t mind to reach at you in your inbox with my Chai Time topics via RSS so feel free.

Rakesh Trivedi



10 responses

10 05 2008

Great stuffs

2 12 2008
Hardip Patel

Nice to see you and your blogging dear…where are you living in India? I am From Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

Kyarek time male to cha pisu sathe…Maru email id to apelu j chhe tamane…contact karjo..I like also tea with friends.

Tamara reply ni wait karis 🙂

Hardip Patel

16 12 2008
Rakesh Trivedi


We have same hometown then. I was in Ahmedabad for family visit and just returned to USA. I enjoyed lots of food there. read this blog https://rakeshtrivedi.wordpress.com/2008/01/23/chatpato-chatkhaarro-yumm-ooo/

thanks for reading my blog

12 01 2009


mare “veer karodio jada vado” ni jo biji koi video/audio clip hoy to kindly send me on my mail ID.

mane ane mara badha friends ne aa clip khub j gami.


20 02 2009

Dost Rakesh,
Veer Karoliyo majedaar chhe. Hun Mumbaikar chhun pan kyarek Amdavad maann 2-3 java aavavanu thay chhe. Jyare Amdavad javano hoi tyare khabar aapje, hun pan pahonchi jaish ane saathe cha pishun. Gujrati lekhko maan K. M. Munshi, Pannalal Patel, Vinod Bhat ,Jyotindra Dave, Tarak Mehta, Harkisan Mehta khas game chhe.

13 04 2009

hi m full impressd with yr iq. keeep it up specially i like yr vir karodiyo as nothing is that good like as vir karodiyo m kirtan gujarati from mumbai
jai swaminarayan


1 10 2009
Ramesh Joshi

Hi Rakesh, I just wanted to know if you were in Hawaii recently. If so, you are the same person I met over there.

3 11 2009

Hi Rakesh,
Nice to see you on the blog. You remember me!!! I was playing cricket along with you in Seattle in Cingular(now at&t) parking lot :). Now I am in San Diego and we have a big team here and every weekend we practice and play matches now and then.
Hope you have a team there to play!!

1 04 2010

Hi Rakesh,

Excellent blogging about Gujarat. I am appreciating your work. I am also Gujarati and residing in Ahmedabad. I also start blog and try to expose shinning of Gujarat. Thanks a lot for great sharing. We should make some effort to publish what is truth to people.

5 04 2010
Dr. Sudeep Shroff

Happened to reach to your blog through various links.
Got to know your work from: “Gujarati Spider-man”.
Really funny and refreshing.
Keep going.

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