BCCI – Inbox – Funniest Creation

27 09 2007

Wow, What a great creation and indeed BCCI inbox might be more interesting than this….

Yuvaraj Singh — 6 balls x 6 sixes — e har ball mujhe kim Sharma ki tarah dikhati thi so dum lagake marna hi tha 🙂 — May 16, 2007
Mahendra Dhoni — Joginder ko last over du aur agar india harti hein to usko nikalne ka reason milenga — Sep 22/24, 2007

Joginder Sharma — BCCI ne train kiya hein ki ball ko girne mat dena ( all low fulltoss ) — Sep 1, 2007

And, here is original image bccijg91.jpg


Yuvraj Singh Six Sixes in an over – India vs England Twenty20 – Fastest 50

20 09 2007

What a perfect silent answer of Flintoff’s verbal spat. It becomes catalyst for him becoming only the fourth player in history to hit six sixes in an over. And, INDIA won match.

India 171/3 Yuvraj Singh 14* (6b 3×4)

18.1 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, that’s out the ground, super shot over cow corner and it just kept going up

18.2 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, now that really is sweet, no more than a dismissive flick off his legs, swatting a fly, and the ball arcs deep into the crowd beyond backward square leg

18.3 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, he’s hitting them everywhere, he steps to leg and smashes the ball over extra cover and it keeps on travelling … the fireworks start on top of the scoreboard … they’ve been going off in the middle for some time

18.4 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, Shiver me timbers!: Broad goes round the wicket, bowls a filthy wide full toss and Yuvraj steers it over backward point and it clears the rope again

18.5 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, down on one knee and larruped over midwicket, that one was more nine iron, it went into the night sky and dropped with a thud in the jubilant crowd …

18.6 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, and he has, Yuvraj leans back and smacks that over wide mid-on … it was the maximum from the moment it left that bat and the crowd were roaring as it flew


India 207/3 Yuvraj Singh 50* (12b 3×4 6×6)


WOW, and ALL SIXES he played with technique and not with running behind balls. J


And, FASTEST 50 records is with Yuvi ….. the last record was 18 balls 50 runs.


YOU ROCK, Yuvi ….





Indian Captaincy – A BIG Decision in favor of DHONI.

19 09 2007



Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is captain of Indian team, who himself is in his mid-20. I am not in against of Mr. Dhoni, he is good batsman and will definitely have looooooooooong career than anybody in current team members.

I feel if Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar felt pressure and didn’t performed or quit captaincy then how come Mr. Dhoni will not fall in same pressure boat as his career just started in 2004/05. In his 3 years of experience, is he capable of take captaincy? NO, and NOPE.


He has to learn and get experience before he leads INDIA. Why not Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh or even Saurav Ganguly? OR BCCI’s interest to play with Mr. Dhoni’s brain rather than senior most so they can feed what they want?

Who is promoting Mr. Dhoni? Sunil Gavaskar… 🙂


I wish Dhoni don’t feel same pressure as others did and perform well otherwise his career might end up sooner too.


BTW, why only Indian Team captain(s) gets frustrated and feel pressurized more often then other countries? That led all of us to think .. something is cooking in background and not visible….


Don’t STOP Batting and keeping for us, and enjoy your long career.

🙂 DHONI Era begun and will lasts for another at-least 10 years 🙂