Daily Laugh — Mobile v/s Marraige

27 06 2008

What is the similarity between


In both cases you feel

“aur thoda ruk jata to accha model milta”








Ek admi sadhu se bola,
meri biwi bahut pareshan karti hai,

koi upay batao.

sadhu bola




Bhagwan ko gussa kab aata hai?

jab koi ladki shadi se pahle pregnant ho,

aur uski ma bole






Google Saree

18 06 2008

I was surfing around and found out Satya Paul known designer has made an attempt to use “Google” fame in his inspiration.  I bet all techy will surely like it, but at the same time technology nerd are see Google and will try to search what?

See what I think in picture below which I altered.


Technology nerd will start searching their name

  • on her bottom part of saree to find out who else got sandals on his chick?
  • on her palav ( back side of saree ) to find out whom she didn’t respond but allow him to flirt — There is a hope of his turn
  • in google text to find out whether she liked him or not? — I am feeling lucky feature of Google.


Wah re Wah, Satya Paul — You innovative idea is really great.

Gujarati Spideman – Makkad Man – Vir Karoliyo

4 05 2008

First of all Thanks to G.G.C. Group of Surat to give me best time today. You made my Sunday.

Handhay Masi na Bhaniya O ne aa Gujju taraf thi Hasya Din Mubarak (Happy Laughter day).

Friends, great creation doesn’t require big banners and here is the proof.

વીર કરોળિયો જાળાવાળૉ

This is hilarious video and I bet any Gujju will enjoy and laugh.

Mafat ma bhare maja ho … Paisa vasul che, gujju o… ane khatari sathe kahu mafat no khatalo nahi ave 🙂

Many Gujju strongly believe food is remedy of many things in any scenario, so while experimenting how to trigger power in spider man – creator thinks to use food ( lasaniya bateka, dhokala, muthiya, ringala nu bhadhathu, masala soda ) name. :))). In my previous blog “Chatpato Chatkhaarro – Yumm Ooo” you can see food imagination in below freezing temperature.

વીર કરોળિયો જાળાવાળૉ
હેજી ..જી જી જી………!
ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય !
છગન કાકાનો ,મગન કાકાનો
મગન કાકાનો, ચણિયો…….

હે ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય:
એ ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય
કુદકા મારતો જાય ને પાછો જાળા છોડ્તો જાય….
મારો દેશિ કરોળિયો હો….હો….જી……
હો જો જો મારો મારો દેશિ કરોળિયો હો….હો….જી…..!

A year back I enjoyed below spider-man creation but this one beats every creation.

Random Surfing Fun

10 02 2008

Someday, you just feel to chill out at home do nothing and surf net. I think, today was the day ….

My morning started with reading news in timesofindia.com and ends with cnn.com. I don’t understand why do I always read news from EAST to WEST. My house East to West door is only few meters distances compare to 12 million meters between my home town and Seattle. Human nature, so is mine.

Any given day after my morning news reading, visit deals site deals2buy.com for no reason, may be habituated and I buy things rarely. I am one of desi who helped to promote this site to bring in world attention. Current Alexa rank # 5380.

And, day begun with random surfing…..

Some creative guy has created web site which shows how product on web pages can create mess. It is really creative idea of future web fun. You gotta see this “See how mess works

In USA, election preparation is going on and every channel shows caucuses, primary and debate so if you are the one who wants to support someone and don’t know who thinks like you then “You find your suitable candidate

Too much political news and now time to illusion .. in my random reading I found site where many illusion examples are explained and one of them I like most is “Lilac Chaser“. If you have time then explore all others as well.

In India, if someone is sharp & have great memory then people uses phrase that “he/she has elephant kinda memory”. I didn’t know logic/correlation behind of it until today. Wiki says about elephant. “Elephants are symbols of wisdom in Asian cultures, and are famed for their memory and high intelligence

It is obvious that in these days without youtube your lazy day is not complete fun. In random video surfing found two great virals

Amazing Human Body – Hyper-mobility

Miss Teen USA South Carolina 2007 — Hilarious

Oh, what a day …. and tomorrow is work day after lazy day so I am hoping that my work day never be bad day like this ever in my life.

Have a good day!

RSS keeps busy

6 02 2008

In early Y2K timeframe website(s) were in boom and since then we have zillions of websites. And, with blogging I bet this number will cross total population on earth.

Did you ever thought to visit all website in lifetime like world tour? or at-least million?

Don’t you think this idea could give you possible guinness word record? find it out and if not work on it.. man.

Anyway, I was visiting many sites and sometimes got lost with tons of disco dancing ads on pages unlike google. It is hard to go each and every, so end up visiting only few known sites which feeds my brain (if you think I have any 😉 ).

So, three years back I moved to RSS feed in Yahoo, and now in google reader. I liked this arrangement way better than anything else. I don’t have to worry about loosing content. Unlike me Chini was traditional surfer week ago but now she uses Google Reader too. 😉

I think of her as a very curious soul by nature. She is always keen to read any emails as soon as she can. Sometimes, email pops up and she have to read it right away. As a matter of fact most of us do that. Basically, she never likes unread email in her inbox. Now you can imagine how curious she is to know content on each incoming email regardless of junk ( ok, i am exaggerating but just little 😉 ).

Now as she started Google Reader with her favorites RSS feed. [ If you don’t know how RSS works then click here ]. Since then she has tons of unread content sitting in her reader ( like new email on your inbox). She can’t stop herself to read so it keeps her really busy in reading those unread content. Yesterday, I found Chini more quite than usual days.

me: What’s going on, dear?

Chini: Too much, and trying to catch up a lot.

me: huh, what?

Chini: These RSS feed keeps coming and never STOPS.

me: wow

Chini: Yes, it is good but hard to finish it up and new items keeps popping right & left !!!!!

me: :))))

BUT she likes catch-me-if-you-can game with RSS reader. And, her feeling at this moment is:

idhar RSS hai, udhar RSS hai,

jidhar dekho udhar RSS hai,

jidhar-udhar bus RSS hi RSS hai,

idhar ka RSS padho to udhar naya hai,

jidhar nahi RSS hai udhar kal RSS hoga.

And, I am proud of her for start using RSS reader and now she is top-notch smart internet surfer too.

So, if you are traditional website surfer and would like to keep yourself busy and smart then go for RSS [ help to avoid Rigorous Site Surfer ].

Happy smart Reading!!!!

Use favorite Google Reader

Bill Gates & I are brothers :)

31 01 2008

After long time I thought to go to my city’s local newspaper site ( sandesh.com ) and found headline news in world section like “Ancestor for Arishwarya Rai & Angelina Julie are same”. I was dazed after reading it.

Usually, some newspapers rely on content from other resources via internet world. I found similar story in IBNLive too. However, I stretch my head to know more about it and did google turns out to be recent science search shows that 99.5 pc blue-eyed people have the same mutation in genes that determines the iris’ colour. [more].

Anyway, point here is that to share/promote medical research media uses most salable celebrities so articles get penetrate in market easily. Here both news media are showing two celebrities photographs whose eyes are GREEN BLUE. They sounds sober to me ;). I wouldn’t surprise if some news article shows same article in below heading.

  • Oh My God! Brother Brad Pitt (Blue Eye) & Sister Angelina Julie are married.
  • Beware Abhishek Bachhan, Karishma Kapoor (Blue Eye) & Aishwarya Rai are ancestor.
  • Believe it or not! Raj kapoor & Elvis Presely were brothers!

Medical Science news also requires spicy media boost. Now a day, Britney Spears is booming media industry by her social drama.

I had good laugh when read an article for their tagging so thought to write up.

Who says that outsource is only decade old business? Arishwarya Rai’s ancient family was outsourced to India 10,000 years back.

BTW, if above study also become true for BROWN EYE then let me declare that I & Bill Gates are brothers. 😉

After seeing ours ( me & Chini ) birth chart, Astrologer always predicted that we will receive hidden money sometime someday. I never believed that but now seeing little hope. One day some scientist prove that BROWN EYE are ancestors so my brother Bill Gates think to share his 0.10% wealth. 😉

I won’t favor linux anymore, Bill. Promise.

   |o_o |
   |:_/ |
  //   \ \
 (|     | )
/'\_   _/`\

What a Ride? It bites though ;)

30 01 2008

This is crazy video, don’t know where to fall in speed.

Amazing & Scary, huh.

It’s good that helmet and all biker’s gear are in place.

Happy & Safe Biking .. Bikers ;).