Slumdog Millionaire

28 12 2008

Slumdog Millionaire, what a movie! I can’t ask for more, well directed well acted well ploted and well written. 

I learn yesterday about Slumdog Millionaire movie when saw Valkyrie. Slumdog Millionaire movie is way beyond than any fiction movie… And, story has close to reality. 

I have seen beggers on street but never figured out that they are forced to do certain activity for someone’s benefits — whenever I have seen beggers on street adviced them to go to school and study. Looking to movie, I think it is not in their hand at all. They are badly trapped and under watch of network who is getting benefited. 

One cruel reality I saw in movie was to make teenage blind by  pouring hot oil in his eye.  I can’t even imagine this. How one can do it???? Where is government, cops, NGOs helping innocents in slums?  Since I have seen that sequence in movie got down in dumps and thanking God and/or  parent for giving me shelter and solid support when I was growing.  

I know every parent is responsible to give best childhood and education to their kid — but think about those kids who doesn’t got same protection, shelter from their parent for some reason and trapped by such network.

If you are not victim as shown in movie then it is big favor from your parent that they have provided you shelter, protection and education and saved you from cruel communitiy otherwise you would have face same poverty, cruelty and bad time.  

What else one could think to ask from God/parent? Whatever you are today should be thankful to your parent and God. 

I really feel sorry for those who are facing this and trapped by such network.  I would definetely consider to help out whenever get right path to help in. 

Kudos to 

Directors:Danny Boyle, Loveleen Tandan (co-director: India)

Writers:Simon Beaufoy (screenplay) and Vikas Swarup (novel)


1983 World Cup – Salute to Heroes

24 06 2008

Its been 25 years today we won first and last world cup. I was 12 years old and still feeling that nail biting match. It was a great match and all players effort gave us remarkable victory.

During that time game was motto and not money. And, Kapil Dev was great captain.

Years passes and always wished for another title but it never came so far. I am optimistic so will have it again soon.

BUT, Today is the day and will like to SALUTE to ALL HEROES who played that one-day. You all were man of history and according to Kapil Dev – Jawan.

I am glad that I was one of the proud viewer.

India‘s road to victory

And.. Here is moment of victory.  I was thrilled when we won.

* June 9/10: India 262 for 8 (60/60 ov) beat West Indies 228 (54.1/60 ov) by 34 runs.
Yashpal Sharma 89, Binny 3-48, S
hastri 3-26
* June 11: India 157 for 5 (37.3/60 ov) beat Zimbabwe 155 (51.4/60 ov) by five wickets.
Patil 50, Madan Lal 3-27
* June 13: Australia 320 for 9 (60/60 ov) beat India 158 (37.5/60 ov) by 162 runs.
Trevor Chappell 110, Yallop 66*, Hughes 52, MacLeay 6-39
* June 15: West Indies 282 for 9 (60/60 ov) beat India 216 (53.1/60 ov) by 66 runs.
Richards 119, Srikkanth 80, Holding 3-40, Binny 3-71
* June 18: India 266 for 8 (60/60 ov) beat Zimbabwe 235 (57/60 ov) by 31 runs.
Kapil 175*, Madan Lal 3-42
* June 20: India 247 (55.5/60 ov) beat Australia 129 (38.2/60 ov) by 118 runs.
Madan Lal 4-20, Binny 4-29
* June 22: India 217 for 4 (54.4/60 ov) beat England 213 (60/60 ov) by six wickets.
Yashpal 61, Patil 51*, Kapil 3-35
* June 25: India 183 for 4 (54.4/60 ov) beat West Indies 140 (52/60 ov) by 43 runs.
Amarnath 3-12, Madan Lal 3-31

And, Sunil Gavasker made today special day to give everybody their great time back.. It is really nice gesture and effort to make this happen.

Best of luck, your today become as gorgeous, wonderful, excited as it was 25 years back on June 25, 1983.

Gujju – We Can Make The Change

22 05 2008

I moved to USA back in 1999 but never be able to detach my emotion from India/Gujarat.

First thing in the morning I read India’s national & local news paper… It is obvious when I say local means where currently I live .. isn’t it? No, I live in USA physically but emotionally/mentally I live in Gujarat (Ahmedabad City). I never able to detach myself to my birth place so whenever I find good news about India/Gujarat I always feel fulfill, grateful and enjoy being Indian/Gujarati.

Here is one good poem giving me pride to be Gujju. Courtesy thanks to Pappaji who has sent me in his letter.

સફળતા નો પીનકોડ ગુજરાતી; સૌ સમસયા નો તોડ ગુજરાતી!
કૈક અચ્છો; કૈક અલગો ગુજરાતી; એકડા ને કરે બગડૉ ગુજરાતી!
નમ્તાનુ બોન્સાઈ ગુજરાતી; િસદ્ધીઓની વડવાઈ ગુજરાતી;
લોટો લઈને દઈ દે ઘડો ગુજરાતી; વખત પડે તયાં ખડો ગુજરાતી;
દુશ્મનને પડે ભારે ગુજરાતી;ડુબતાને બેશક તારે ગુજરાતી;
એસ્િકમોને ફીજ વેચે ગુજરાતી; ક્યાક્ં કંપની નામે ઢેચે ગુજરાતી;
દેશમાં એબીસી ની હવા ગુજરાતી; પરદેશમાં ઓમ્ં-શૅ ૧! ગુજરાતી;
પાછા પગલાં ના પાડે ગુજરાતી; કાકરાં માંથી ઘઊં ચાળે ગુજરાતી;
ફાફડા, ઢોકળા ઘારી ગુજરાતી; પાનની સાયબા ગુજરાતી;
એની ડીંગમાંયે કૈક દમ ગુજરાતી; હર કદમ પર “વેલકમ” ગુજરાતી,
મહેમાનનું પહેલું પતરાળુ ગુજરાતી; છેલ્લે અપનુવાલુ ગુજરાતી,
ગાંધી, સરદાર, મુન્શી ગુજરાતી, ક્ષઈતીજની પેલે પાર ગુજરાતી!

નરેન્દ્ર મોદી, ધ્ીરુભાઈ અંબાની ગુજરાતી, દુનીયામાં વાહ વાહ કરાવે ગુજરાતીની.

May be I am emotional but looking to current facts Gujarati community is getting stronger and stronger in economy, education, infrastructure and establishing themselves in worldwide. Gujju are building better community, ethics and setting examples for others too. We can make change ….and having Narendra Modi with us we can definitely make change.

Gujarati Spideman – Makkad Man – Vir Karoliyo

4 05 2008

First of all Thanks to G.G.C. Group of Surat to give me best time today. You made my Sunday.

Handhay Masi na Bhaniya O ne aa Gujju taraf thi Hasya Din Mubarak (Happy Laughter day).

Friends, great creation doesn’t require big banners and here is the proof.

વીર કરોળિયો જાળાવાળૉ

This is hilarious video and I bet any Gujju will enjoy and laugh.

Mafat ma bhare maja ho … Paisa vasul che, gujju o… ane khatari sathe kahu mafat no khatalo nahi ave 🙂

Many Gujju strongly believe food is remedy of many things in any scenario, so while experimenting how to trigger power in spider man – creator thinks to use food ( lasaniya bateka, dhokala, muthiya, ringala nu bhadhathu, masala soda ) name. :))). In my previous blog “Chatpato Chatkhaarro – Yumm Ooo” you can see food imagination in below freezing temperature.

વીર કરોળિયો જાળાવાળૉ
હેજી ..જી જી જી………!
ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય !
છગન કાકાનો ,મગન કાકાનો
મગન કાકાનો, ચણિયો…….

હે ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય:
એ ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય
કુદકા મારતો જાય ને પાછો જાળા છોડ્તો જાય….
મારો દેશિ કરોળિયો હો….હો….જી……
હો જો જો મારો મારો દેશિ કરોળિયો હો….હો….જી…..!

A year back I enjoyed below spider-man creation but this one beats every creation.

Khud Ko Zara Pehchaan Tu

3 05 2008

First of all, I salute to the great Amir Khan to create such a versatile movie “Tare Zameen Par”.

Now a days I am listening to “Kholo Kholo” song from the movie “Tare Zameen Par” and experiencing extremely great joy whenever I listen. And, I bet you would feel the same way if you listen to it the way I do.

OK, so you must be wondering that what difference does it make in listening my way or your way. I don’t know but whenever I just listen to the song, I feel good but whenever I choose to sing along loudly with it, gives me more inspiration, charges me up and at the end I feel relaxed.

Lets try this way… First of all if you are a classy listener — break all the rules!!!

1. Put your MP3/stereo system in full volume.

2. Remember below lyrics

Tu Dhoop Hain Jham Se Bikhar
Tu Hai Nadee, O Bekhabar
Beh Chal Kahin, Ud Chal Kahin
Dil Khush Jahan, Teri Toh Manzil Hai Wahin

3. Do not feel shy about singing louder even if you are a pathetic singer like me 😉. (Whenever I sing at home/car next to chini, she always laughs and gives me looks but it doesn’t stop me, so be prepared 🙂 )

4. Play song and involve yourself in it. Whenever you hear above lyrics be prepare to sing with it and let yourself go. And, repeats the lines with song.

That’s it !!!!!

I bet you will observe below things when you do above things

  • If you are in US driving a car with full stereo system — Beware of cop’s car as you might be speeding regardless of what kind of driver you are.
  • If you are about to play any game then you have more chances to win.
  • If you need some inspiration in life and stuck in some decision then remember it before you do above exercise and you will have your decision.
  • And whenever you feel you are worthless ….

DO NOT do above practice:

  • If your neighbor doesn’t like louder / crazy behavior of you – otherwise after this exercise he/she will come to complaint about it and good chances are they might get hurt as you will be hyper ;).
  • If you are in a wrestling competition and you and your competitor both listens in one room and if he/she gets hyper more than you then you will be in danger.. omg… scary feelings.
  • If you are in Las Vegas for vacation — otherwise you may fall in debt 😉

After listening to complete song you will feel

“Khul Gaya Aasmaan Ka Rasta Dekho Khul Gaya,
Mil Gaya Kho Gaya Tha Jo Sitara Mil Gaya, Mil Gaya”

At end, “Khud Ko Zara Pehchaan Tu“.

I must say here that Amir Khan really makes difference whenever he does project. His detail in project is unbeatable. I personally believe in him and I am confident that he will give even better project in future. I admire him after Big B.

His few projects which I like are QSQT, Raakh, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Andaz apna apna, Rangeela, Sarfarosh, Lagan, Dil Chahata hein, Rang De Basanti, Mangal Pandey and TZP.

If you have seen variation he performed and made a point with each project. None of our current Bollywood star can beat him except Big B.

GO Amir Khan!

Happy Republic Day – India My Pride

26 01 2008

Happy Republic Day to All.

I am proud person being Indian origin. We have done really good progress in 58 years of freedom.

I liked Chankya serial and it’s one of song is all time favorite to me.

Jai Hind

हम करें राष्ट आराधन

हम करें राष्ट आराधन
तन से मन से धन से
तन मन धन जीवनसे
हम करें राष्ट आराधन………………।।…धृ

अन्तर से मुख से कृती से
निश्र्चल हो निर्मल मति से
श्रध्धा से मस्तक नत से
हम करें राष्ट अभिवादन…………………। १

अपने हंसते शैशव से
अपने खिलते यौवन से
प्रौढता पूर्ण जीवन से
हम करें राष्ट का अर्चन……………………।२

अपने अतीत को पढकर
अपना ईतिहास उलटकर
अपना भवितव्य समझकर
हम करें राष्ट का चिंतन…।………………।३

है याद हमें युग युग की जलती अनेक घटनायें
जो मां के सेवा पथ पर आई बनकर विपदायें
हमने अभिषेक किया था जननी का अरिशोणित से
हमने शृंगार किया था माता का अरिमुंडो से

हमने ही ऊसे दिया था सांस्कृतिक उच्च सिंहासन
मां जिस पर बैठी सुख से करती थी जग का शासन
अब काल चक्र की गति से वह टूट गया सिंहासन
अपना तन मन धन देकर हम करें पुन: संस्थापन………………।४

Chatpato Chatkhaarro – Yumm Ooo

23 01 2008

Today we had below freezing temperature (-3.33 degrees celsius) in the morning. My car windshield was coated with ice and we were in rush to reach at Gym. I thought lets go and will use windshield washer fluid to remove ice. I started driving and turn on windshield washer but fluid didn’t come out and it started making voice. I heard something funny and shared same to Chini turns out big laugh.

We guessed that voice was like “Bhajia Kha ( right 2 left movement of wiper) and Kha Bhajia ( left 2 right movement of wiper )” And, it became rhythm till we reached at Gym. Only Gujju can think of Bhajia while going to Gym. 😉 It was hilarious. 🙂 🙂 🙂

While returning back from Gym, we literally virtually visited each streets of Ahmedabad and remembered all favorites laaris spots where we get best of best (greatest, tastiest, juciest, … all `est`) food.

So reader folks, by this time your mouth is watering to have Bhajia Dish but be ready with big appetite because I am serving whole elaborate street food fair today.

Roadside Chai Time

Lucky ni Chai


Ruturaaj ni Chai+Muska bun

University (My favorite place of lifetime)

Imperial na Puff & Cream Role


RoadSide Farsan

Das na TumTum Khaman & Dahi khaman

Opposite AMC Office

Amiri Sev Khamani

Juni HighCourt

Laxmi na Gathiya


Charbhuja ni s/w


Chandravilas na fafda-jalebi


Vadigam na Gota


Raypur na Bhajia

Raypur Chakla

Ankur na ragada pattice

Ankur Char Rasta

Lucky nu Chavanu


Vijay na Vadapauv

Vijay Char Rasta

Honest na Bhajipauv

Law Garden ( Any )

Khadawada na Dalwada

Old Gujarat HightCourt

Ashok na Bafwada

Danapith Chanajor Garam

M.G.Science College Compound

Nagajibhudar ni cholafali


Navtad na samosa

Relief Road

Jasuben na Pizza

Law Garden

Topala Bhel


Mani Madaras na Cheese Dosa

Law Garden

Masi nu khichu

Law Garden

Masti nu Chineese Food

IIM College

Chilli Paneer

Bhagawati Chat @ C.G.Road

Chineese Bhel

Rasranjan @ Vijay Charrasta

Chole Bhature




Azad Halwai na Puri-Shaak

Relief Road

Binharif ni dabeli


56 masala thi bharpur panipuri


Raj Kachori

Shakati @ Meghaninagar

Shiv Shakti ni Dalbati


Swati na Dhokala & Khichadi


Bhakhari Pizza, Club Sandwich


Roadside Dessert

Bansilal no Dudh no halvo

Opp. AMC Office

Janata no koko


Girish na faluda


Krisha ni Lilagar Thandai

Income Tax

Farki ni Lassi


Asarafi ni kulfi

Law Garden

Roadside Thandapina

Kali Dadhi Lumbi Muchh ni Kharek


Hajama Hajam


Lakhoti Soda


Roadside Pan

Ghant na Culcutti Pan


Parimal na Singoda Pan


For Albert Einstein Formula E=MC2 stands for mass–energy equivalence

For Gujju formuala E=MC2 stands for Energey = Meals @ Cousine/Chat

After going through mouth watering dishes, you must have created monster appetite by now. And, only outcome is to call your spouse to make one of dish in tonight dinner.


If you would like to add your favorites then put your comment in my blog.

NOTE: Above list only belongs to roadside places.