Gujarati Spideman – Makkad Man – Vir Karoliyo

4 05 2008

First of all Thanks to G.G.C. Group of Surat to give me best time today. You made my Sunday.

Handhay Masi na Bhaniya O ne aa Gujju taraf thi Hasya Din Mubarak (Happy Laughter day).

Friends, great creation doesn’t require big banners and here is the proof.

વીર કરોળિયો જાળાવાળૉ

This is hilarious video and I bet any Gujju will enjoy and laugh.

Mafat ma bhare maja ho … Paisa vasul che, gujju o… ane khatari sathe kahu mafat no khatalo nahi ave 🙂

Many Gujju strongly believe food is remedy of many things in any scenario, so while experimenting how to trigger power in spider man – creator thinks to use food ( lasaniya bateka, dhokala, muthiya, ringala nu bhadhathu, masala soda ) name. :))). In my previous blog “Chatpato Chatkhaarro – Yumm Ooo” you can see food imagination in below freezing temperature.

વીર કરોળિયો જાળાવાળૉ
હેજી ..જી જી જી………!
ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય !
છગન કાકાનો ,મગન કાકાનો
મગન કાકાનો, ચણિયો…….

હે ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય:
એ ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય
કુદકા મારતો જાય ને પાછો જાળા છોડ્તો જાય….
મારો દેશિ કરોળિયો હો….હો….જી……
હો જો જો મારો મારો દેશિ કરોળિયો હો….હો….જી…..!

A year back I enjoyed below spider-man creation but this one beats every creation.

Chatpato Chatkhaarro – Yumm Ooo

23 01 2008

Today we had below freezing temperature (-3.33 degrees celsius) in the morning. My car windshield was coated with ice and we were in rush to reach at Gym. I thought lets go and will use windshield washer fluid to remove ice. I started driving and turn on windshield washer but fluid didn’t come out and it started making voice. I heard something funny and shared same to Chini turns out big laugh.

We guessed that voice was like “Bhajia Kha ( right 2 left movement of wiper) and Kha Bhajia ( left 2 right movement of wiper )” And, it became rhythm till we reached at Gym. Only Gujju can think of Bhajia while going to Gym. 😉 It was hilarious. 🙂 🙂 🙂

While returning back from Gym, we literally virtually visited each streets of Ahmedabad and remembered all favorites laaris spots where we get best of best (greatest, tastiest, juciest, … all `est`) food.

So reader folks, by this time your mouth is watering to have Bhajia Dish but be ready with big appetite because I am serving whole elaborate street food fair today.

Roadside Chai Time

Lucky ni Chai


Ruturaaj ni Chai+Muska bun

University (My favorite place of lifetime)

Imperial na Puff & Cream Role


RoadSide Farsan

Das na TumTum Khaman & Dahi khaman

Opposite AMC Office

Amiri Sev Khamani

Juni HighCourt

Laxmi na Gathiya


Charbhuja ni s/w


Chandravilas na fafda-jalebi


Vadigam na Gota


Raypur na Bhajia

Raypur Chakla

Ankur na ragada pattice

Ankur Char Rasta

Lucky nu Chavanu


Vijay na Vadapauv

Vijay Char Rasta

Honest na Bhajipauv

Law Garden ( Any )

Khadawada na Dalwada

Old Gujarat HightCourt

Ashok na Bafwada

Danapith Chanajor Garam

M.G.Science College Compound

Nagajibhudar ni cholafali


Navtad na samosa

Relief Road

Jasuben na Pizza

Law Garden

Topala Bhel


Mani Madaras na Cheese Dosa

Law Garden

Masi nu khichu

Law Garden

Masti nu Chineese Food

IIM College

Chilli Paneer

Bhagawati Chat @ C.G.Road

Chineese Bhel

Rasranjan @ Vijay Charrasta

Chole Bhature




Azad Halwai na Puri-Shaak

Relief Road

Binharif ni dabeli


56 masala thi bharpur panipuri


Raj Kachori

Shakati @ Meghaninagar

Shiv Shakti ni Dalbati


Swati na Dhokala & Khichadi


Bhakhari Pizza, Club Sandwich


Roadside Dessert

Bansilal no Dudh no halvo

Opp. AMC Office

Janata no koko


Girish na faluda


Krisha ni Lilagar Thandai

Income Tax

Farki ni Lassi


Asarafi ni kulfi

Law Garden

Roadside Thandapina

Kali Dadhi Lumbi Muchh ni Kharek


Hajama Hajam


Lakhoti Soda


Roadside Pan

Ghant na Culcutti Pan


Parimal na Singoda Pan


For Albert Einstein Formula E=MC2 stands for mass–energy equivalence

For Gujju formuala E=MC2 stands for Energey = Meals @ Cousine/Chat

After going through mouth watering dishes, you must have created monster appetite by now. And, only outcome is to call your spouse to make one of dish in tonight dinner.


If you would like to add your favorites then put your comment in my blog.

NOTE: Above list only belongs to roadside places.

Frankly Speaking — Narendra Modi will turn Gujarat into an economic powerhouse

20 01 2008

Two days back we were surfing internet and found interesting speech of NAMO. And, he made us proudful for Gujarat. His motto to take Gujarat in top by improving educational structure, encourage global businesses, and make terrorist free powerful state to give 5 ½ crores citizen of Gujarat their bright future.

Frankly Speaking – Interview with Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is MAN for Gujarat and his dedication will give Gujarat new identity in long run. His leadership is remarkable and so is work. He is keen in politics and giving Gujarat new height. His career goal is to make Gujarat valuable.

As far as I know some of his personal quotes are below.

1. Gujarat is my soul and India is God

2. Those days are gone where anybody ( alio-malio in his word ) rule on Gujarat. We will make Gujarat powerful.

3. Gujarat won’t hurt anyone by any mean but if someone will hurt Gujarat then Gujarat won’t keep mum. [ int no jawab patthar thi ]

4. We 5 1/2 crores Gujaratis.

According to me he is going to put his 100% to build Gujarat (“asmita“) powerful, productive and most valuable state of India. His goal is clear and focused so he will get success and being Gujarati I am feeling confident again after Sardar Patel. And, his political goal, mission and ambitious is to achieve 13.5% GDP rate, which will be highest among all states. He believes in MISSION not in controversial ISSUES.

“a leader who, after being subjected to a malicious and prolonged campaign of vilification, has been able to impress even his critics with his determination, single-minded focus, integrity and a wide array of achievements in a relatively short time.”

Today, Gujarat is rated as the number one state in India. In a short span of just five years since Narendra Modi took over as the Chief Minister, Gujarat has achieved the highest degree of administrative efficiency and modernization. In fact, Gujarat has become the best-governed state in the country where regional and national pride is overflowing.

Without a doubt, most credit for Gujarat’s phenomenal progress goes to Narendra Modi. We owe him a huge debt for his courage, dedication and tenacity in putting Gujarat back on its feet. Thanks to his iron will and wisdom, terrorism – the global curse of the 21st century has been eliminated from the soil of Gujarat transforming Gujarat into the most secure state in India.

Today in politics “The BJP in Gujarat: For Modi, by Modi, of Modi”

Gujjus are with you NAMO, you will make it. Best of luck.

Narendra Modi’s Video Collection

Vande Mataram. – Garvi Gujarat

આજની જોક

9 01 2008

આજની જોક

કર્મચારીઓ સાથેની મિટીંગમાં બૉસ ફરિયાદ કરતા હતા કે તેમને કોઇ માન આપતું નથી.બીજે દિવસે તેઓ એક નાનકડું પાટિયું લઈ આવ્યા જેના પર લખ્યું હતું “આય એમ ધ બૉસ! (હું સર્વોપરી છું)” અને તેમણે તે પાટિયું તેમની કેબિનના દરવાજા પર લગાડી દીઘું.બપોરે જમીને જ્યારે તેઓ ઓફિસમાં આવ્યા ત્યારે જોયું તો તે પાટિયા પર કોઈક એક ચિઠ્ઠી ચોંટાડી ગયું હતું. જેમાં લખ્યું હતું કે “બૉસાણીનો ફોન હતો, તેઓ પોતાનું પાટિયું પાછું માગી રહ્યા છે…!”

આજનો SMS: આપનું નામ

આપનું નામ રેતી પર લખ્યું,
મોજું આવ્યુંને તેને ધોઈ ગયુ.આપનું નામ વાદળોમાં લખ્યું,
પવન આવ્યોને તેને તાણી ગયો.આપનું નામ હૃદયમાં લખ્યું,
હાર્ટ એટેક આવ્યોને… (ઉકલી ગયો!) 🙂હજુયે યાદ છે – રઈશ મનીયાર

એકવેળા આપને મેં દઈ દીધેલું દિલ, હજુયે યાદ છે
ને પછી ભરતો રહયો’તો હોટેલનાં બિલ, હજુયે યાદ છે

પ્રિયતમ! હા,તારા ચહેરા પર હતા એ ખિલ હજુયે યાદ છે
મારા પૈસે તેં ઘસી બેફામ ક્લેરેસીલ હજુયે યાદ છે

સાયકલ અથડાવીને સોરી કહ્યાની સ્કીલ હજુયે યાદ છે
ને પછીથી સાંપડેલી સેન્ડલોની હીલ હજુયે યાદ છે

માનતો’તો હું કે પૈંડા બે જ છે સંસારરથનાં હું ને તું
ને પાડોશમાં હતા તારાં ઘણાં સ્પેરવ્હીલ હજુયે યાદ છે

જોર લગાકે હઈશા…


🙂 🙂


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