Jai Google Hare — Aarti — Google is iGOD

18 01 2008

Jay ho Google Deva Ki .. I am always falling in love to Google and using their site very often for my all research.

In my last blog, I have mentioned that I can’t live without few things and one of them is “Google”. And, I think here is good dedication of real appreciation of google’s services.


Om Jai Google Hare !!
Swami Jai Google hare
Programmers ke sankat, Developers ke Sankat,
Click main door kare!!
Om Jai Google Hare !!

Jo Dhyawe vo pawe,
Dukh bin se man ka, Swami dukh bin se man ka,
Homepage ki sampatti lawe, Homework ki sampatti karave
Kasht mite work ka,
Swami Om Jai Google hare!!

Tum puran search engine
Tum hi Internet yaami, Swami Tum hi Internet yaami
Par karo hamari Salari, Par karo hamari apprisal,
Tum dunia ke swami,
Swami Om Jai Google hare.

Tum information ke saagar,
Tum palan karta, swami Tum palan karta,
Main moorakh khalkamii, Main Searcher tum Server-ami
Tum karta dhartaa !!
Swami Om Jai Google hare!!

Din bandhu dukh harta,
Tum rakshak mere, Swami tum thakur mere,
Apni search dikhaao, sare reasearch karao
Site par khada mein tere,
Swami Om Jai Google hare!!

Google devta ki aarti Jo koi programmer gaawe,
Swami Jo koi bhi programmer gaawe,
Kehet SUN swami, MS Hari har swami,
Manwaanchhit fal paawe.
Swami Om Jai Google hare.


So, no doubt that google is iGOD of this generation.

And, iGOD is lord Vishnu (powerful) and Yahoo like Shiva (Jer to pidha jani) so MSFT is like Bhima’s son Ghatotkacha

🙂 It is rocking humor of my day. Google deva made my day hilarious.




CES 2008 Show

4 01 2008

I am always excited about CES show as I like tech toys and would like to see all future through tech toys.

I keep myself busy to read lots of article on that so obviously more hits on http://www.engadget.com/ site.

Last year I spent most time to know iPh0ne and it was huge success and this year my eye is more “GoogleOS” aka gOS.

Lets see what are other interesting toys this year.

1. gOS 2.0
2. Wireless HD TV Solution

3. Flexiple e-paper Display

4. Bill Gates to deliver CES 2008 keynote, possibly his last


5. Live analysis from engadget

Here is techy success song…

25 12 2007

World is seeing technology in different ways and broadly accepting new innovative ideas for social networking. It gives tech company’s huge success and new way of living, sharing life.

Information R/evoulution

22 10 2007

In these days, there are jillion articles on web, immeasurable information and uncountable websites all around. And, top of that there is whole world constantly reading from it and at this moment there is NO SHELF to manage this information.

We need to create shelf for this valuable information so we get better results in just few clicks and great presentation of same information by genius working in industry. This is really helpful for all of us.

We ALL can help by just tagging it whenever you read and feel good about content. You read and if like it then digg it, tag it, delicious it, bookmark it etc.


A tag is simply a word you use to describe a bookmark. Unlike folders, you
make up tags when you need them and you can use as many as you like. The result
is a better way to organize your bookmarks and a great way to discover
interesting things on the Web.

It is social bookmarking and help others on go.

Here are websites they help us to build iShelf for us.

digg it
stumble upon

So, help iWorld to give us better view and great information in few click. I like our regional library system’s book explorer by graphics http://explorer.kcls.org/ . You type any word and it gives visualization of near by choices of books and associated tags.

It also helps global warming indirectly.. How? You need some information from internet so computer and so power. If we help tagging information then we can get same information in few clicks and we can turn off computers. It helps in global warming. 🙂

So, help tagging.


Compact Tech Gadgets – New ERA of Electronics World

22 09 2007

Now a days, technical world is creating amazing designs and extreme integrated toys than ever. One small toy can do 10 things and still fit in palm, yeah, that’s goal. For example, any mobile phone, digital cameras, USB drives, compact laptop, GPS systems and TVs. And, surprisingly everything is perfect, rocking and world is behind of it so is me J.

I was reading gizmodo and found this beautiful design of DVD player so amazed, and don’t know what to imagine for future.

Today’s compact electronic systems have levels of functionality unimaginable even five years ago. My surprise with not with size of equipment but electronics gadgets have multiple functionality and all are integrated. Think of ancient computer, floppy drive 3.5” inch, Winchester disk of 20MB, mechanical phone and workforce to deliver one text message to different location via telegram, Cassette player, DVD player and monster size TV vs LCD panel TV, gamebox to play MARIO game J and now all are in one tiny mini instrument known is iPh0ne ( any Mobile phones ), iPod or DVD player.

I had always hard time to play Rubik’s Cube puzzle and solve and compare to that genius working on unimaginable design are unbelievable. Not only toy should compact but again satisfied Industrial Design (external look), Human Interface Design ( user navigation controls ), Engineering Services ( function ) and Interconnect Design.

Hats off, GENIOUS