Windows Ka Kamal — No Doubt it is Window OS

29 01 2008

I was just surfing and found interesting pictures about my favorite OS Windows …. and I can undoubtedly say “Windows Ka Kamal”. It is hilarious.

I only have one worry that when I will have to go for surgery and those medical machine are hook up with any Window then my chances to survive is slim as below blue screens. I wish by that time medical system get immune by blue sudden death screen. In USA, if you are not married then insurance is higher than married guy.. In similar way, I won’t be surprize if health insurance will ask that your hospital is having window os equipment or others…. And, if it is Windows then your monthly premium will go up. 🙂










Now imagine, what if you are flying at 30,000 feet and windows act as above. 🙂 SCARY.

BUT, we can’t live without WINDOWS so better accept it.

“Things don’t change, you change”


Work without Google or any search engine.

25 01 2008

I know I am talking too much about google even not working there. But, I am using it extensively and addictive so would like to check with you as well. Take a poll by clicking below link.

Are you comfortable to work without Google or any search engine access?


Google (iGOD) Map View – Amazing Findings

24 01 2008

Believe it or not I get more fun now a day through iGOD than any website outside in internet world.

  1. Swastik Shape Buildings ( Google Map View )
  2. A man with the surname of “Luecke” in Texas decided to write his name big by leaving these trees when he was clear-cutting the land. According to reports, astronauts are able to see these letters from space ( Google Map View )
  3. Man Shaped Lake in Brazil ( Google Map View )
  4. Believe it or not .. Druken Driver parked car in Netherland on side wall. ( Google Map View )gmap_drunken_parking.jpg
  5. New era of advertisement and promoting product — Google can make money here as well.

5.1 Coca-Cola Ad ( Google Map View ) near Arica, Chile.

5.2 My Favorite browser Firefox ( Google Map View ) in Portland, WA.


If you are feeling that you are having heart attack then before you rush to any hospital you can check which hospital has high success rate using Google Map. Hmm. How? Click here and then click on any hospital marker will show stats.

If you wonder from where wikipedia source is getting change for which subject in real time then here you GO. There is tool with interact with Google Map and show real time wikipedia change. Don’t you believe me? Click here.

And many more but I’ll leave up to you now.

There is humor that Indian company is developing tool for mobile using Google map to give you nearest location for `Gol-Gappa` ( aka panipuri wala) lari from your current location.