1983 World Cup – Salute to Heroes

24 06 2008

Its been 25 years today we won first and last world cup. I was 12 years old and still feeling that nail biting match. It was a great match and all players effort gave us remarkable victory.

During that time game was motto and not money. And, Kapil Dev was great captain.

Years passes and always wished for another title but it never came so far. I am optimistic so will have it again soon.

BUT, Today is the day and will like to SALUTE to ALL HEROES who played that one-day. You all were man of history and according to Kapil Dev – Jawan.

I am glad that I was one of the proud viewer.

India‘s road to victory

And.. Here is moment of victory.  I was thrilled when we won.

* June 9/10: India 262 for 8 (60/60 ov) beat West Indies 228 (54.1/60 ov) by 34 runs.
Yashpal Sharma 89, Binny 3-48, S
hastri 3-26
* June 11: India 157 for 5 (37.3/60 ov) beat Zimbabwe 155 (51.4/60 ov) by five wickets.
Patil 50, Madan Lal 3-27
* June 13: Australia 320 for 9 (60/60 ov) beat India 158 (37.5/60 ov) by 162 runs.
Trevor Chappell 110, Yallop 66*, Hughes 52, MacLeay 6-39
* June 15: West Indies 282 for 9 (60/60 ov) beat India 216 (53.1/60 ov) by 66 runs.
Richards 119, Srikkanth 80, Holding 3-40, Binny 3-71
* June 18: India 266 for 8 (60/60 ov) beat Zimbabwe 235 (57/60 ov) by 31 runs.
Kapil 175*, Madan Lal 3-42
* June 20: India 247 (55.5/60 ov) beat Australia 129 (38.2/60 ov) by 118 runs.
Madan Lal 4-20, Binny 4-29
* June 22: India 217 for 4 (54.4/60 ov) beat England 213 (60/60 ov) by six wickets.
Yashpal 61, Patil 51*, Kapil 3-35
* June 25: India 183 for 4 (54.4/60 ov) beat West Indies 140 (52/60 ov) by 43 runs.
Amarnath 3-12, Madan Lal 3-31

And, Sunil Gavasker made today special day to give everybody their great time back.. It is really nice gesture and effort to make this happen.

Best of luck, your today become as gorgeous, wonderful, excited as it was 25 years back on June 25, 1983.


Google Saree

18 06 2008

I was surfing around and found out Satya Paul known designer has made an attempt to use “Google” fame in his inspiration.  I bet all techy will surely like it, but at the same time technology nerd are see Google and will try to search what?

See what I think in picture below which I altered.


Technology nerd will start searching their name

  • on her bottom part of saree to find out who else got sandals on his chick?
  • on her palav ( back side of saree ) to find out whom she didn’t respond but allow him to flirt — There is a hope of his turn
  • in google text to find out whether she liked him or not? — I am feeling lucky feature of Google.


Wah re Wah, Satya Paul — You innovative idea is really great.

Today’s Life Style — Very True

29 05 2008


Computers are in many of us life now .. and so using any moment..

And, in addition to above,

while driving using mobile phone to check email, score, news etc…

while traveling using mobile phone to check flight schedule even you are in airport ..

I would rather clear above cartoon … it is not about computer, laptop, mobile but it is ALL about internet with GOOGLE power ;).

I use computer 98.98% in a day to surf on internet .. and that’s what cartoon about..

Gujju – We Can Make The Change

22 05 2008

I moved to USA back in 1999 but never be able to detach my emotion from India/Gujarat.

First thing in the morning I read India’s national & local news paper… It is obvious when I say local means where currently I live .. isn’t it? No, I live in USA physically but emotionally/mentally I live in Gujarat (Ahmedabad City). I never able to detach myself to my birth place so whenever I find good news about India/Gujarat I always feel fulfill, grateful and enjoy being Indian/Gujarati.

Here is one good poem giving me pride to be Gujju. Courtesy thanks to Pappaji who has sent me in his letter.

સફળતા નો પીનકોડ ગુજરાતી; સૌ સમસયા નો તોડ ગુજરાતી!
કૈક અચ્છો; કૈક અલગો ગુજરાતી; એકડા ને કરે બગડૉ ગુજરાતી!
નમ્તાનુ બોન્સાઈ ગુજરાતી; િસદ્ધીઓની વડવાઈ ગુજરાતી;
લોટો લઈને દઈ દે ઘડો ગુજરાતી; વખત પડે તયાં ખડો ગુજરાતી;
દુશ્મનને પડે ભારે ગુજરાતી;ડુબતાને બેશક તારે ગુજરાતી;
એસ્િકમોને ફીજ વેચે ગુજરાતી; ક્યાક્ં કંપની નામે ઢેચે ગુજરાતી;
દેશમાં એબીસી ની હવા ગુજરાતી; પરદેશમાં ઓમ્ં-શૅ ૧! ગુજરાતી;
પાછા પગલાં ના પાડે ગુજરાતી; કાકરાં માંથી ઘઊં ચાળે ગુજરાતી;
ફાફડા, ઢોકળા ઘારી ગુજરાતી; પાનની સાયબા ગુજરાતી;
એની ડીંગમાંયે કૈક દમ ગુજરાતી; હર કદમ પર “વેલકમ” ગુજરાતી,
મહેમાનનું પહેલું પતરાળુ ગુજરાતી; છેલ્લે અપનુવાલુ ગુજરાતી,
ગાંધી, સરદાર, મુન્શી ગુજરાતી, ક્ષઈતીજની પેલે પાર ગુજરાતી!

નરેન્દ્ર મોદી, ધ્ીરુભાઈ અંબાની ગુજરાતી, દુનીયામાં વાહ વાહ કરાવે ગુજરાતીની.

May be I am emotional but looking to current facts Gujarati community is getting stronger and stronger in economy, education, infrastructure and establishing themselves in worldwide. Gujju are building better community, ethics and setting examples for others too. We can make change ….and having Narendra Modi with us we can definitely make change.

Training or Remand Room

8 05 2008

This week I am attending advance training to boost up my career path. We are 8 people attending class and 3 of them including me attended first part of training. Gary & I were one who raised many questions in the first class.

We got very lady professional as training instructor. Since day one she took full control on all of us by constant commentary without waiting for single second in between. I knew girls talk more but not knew can even go unstoppable.

She not only non-stop talk about subject. She keep asking everyone below question every minute to all watching in our eyes …. and she is fast too ( no wonder she is slim, never sits )

a) Guys, Yes or No? — maam, whatever you say 🙂

b) Guys, can you see that? — so far yes as none of us are blind in class 😉

c) Guys, How do I do? — you do great but we need time to breath

everybody might have answered so far 100 times each day of above questions.

So far none of us got chance to raise real question .. And, when we get break none of student wants to sit in class … all go  out to get some fresh air :). And, sharp 5.00pm all are out even she offers to stay late and do more practice. 🙂

Charlie sits next to me single has fear that tomorrow if by mistake lady will ask me … will you marry me? And, I might answer YES as my neck has lost control in four days. … Oh no!!!!!

everybody are questioning themselves, are we in training or paid remand home for interrogation?

remember … in remand room cops ask many questions like “did you do it? yes/no” “were you there? yes/no”


I feel great as tomorrow is last day of training and will back in our normal life 🙂


SRK – DARD-E-DISCO – Dukh Na Dandiya

5 05 2008

Once again Thanks to Suratikaka — You rock.

Dard-e-Disco is one of my favorite song of this year. I always feel dancing whenever listen to it not because of SRK but Vishal-Shekar’s music. They both are great musicians.

And, this funny version of it made me laugh on laughter day. This song also indicate that SRK’s six pack only attract street dogs not girls ;).

દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા

DARD-E-DISCO in GUJARATI દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા

એ રુપાળિ છે ગામની ગોરી
કામણગારી કુંવારી છોરી
મારા સપનામાં આવીને બોલી
તારે ત્યાં નહિ આવે મારી ડોલી – (Girls always dream for talented star not copy star)

હું ડાહ્યો ડમરો, સીધો સાદો…..
ઢોલ નગારા વાગે દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા

દિલમાં મારા છે દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા ,દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા
દિલમાં મારા છે દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા ,દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા

ખેતરમાં લાંબા લાંબા ઝાડવાઓ ઝુલતા’તા
વાડીયે જઇને અમે કેરી આંબલિ ખાતા’તા
કોલેજમાં ગુલ્લિ મારી ગિલ્લિ ડંડા રમતા’તા
રસ્તાનાં કુતરા મારું મોઢુ જોઇને ભસતા’તા — (No wonder)

એનો બાપો આવ્યો ….(આવવા દે)
સાથે પોલિસ લાવ્યો…( લાવવા દે )
મને ખાટ્લા ઉપર ઉન્ધો પાડી ..પાછળ માર્યા…..બે….ચાર.. ડંડા………….

દિલમાં મારા છે દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા ,દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા
દિલમાં મારા છે દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા ,દુ:ખનાં ડાંડિયા

eNjoy 🙂

Courtesy Thanks to Dilip Uncle for forwarding me.

Gujarati Spideman – Makkad Man – Vir Karoliyo

4 05 2008

First of all Thanks to G.G.C. Group of Surat to give me best time today. You made my Sunday.

Handhay Masi na Bhaniya O ne aa Gujju taraf thi Hasya Din Mubarak (Happy Laughter day).

Friends, great creation doesn’t require big banners and here is the proof.

વીર કરોળિયો જાળાવાળૉ

This is hilarious video and I bet any Gujju will enjoy and laugh.

Mafat ma bhare maja ho … Paisa vasul che, gujju o… ane khatari sathe kahu mafat no khatalo nahi ave 🙂

Many Gujju strongly believe food is remedy of many things in any scenario, so while experimenting how to trigger power in spider man – creator thinks to use food ( lasaniya bateka, dhokala, muthiya, ringala nu bhadhathu, masala soda ) name. :))). In my previous blog “Chatpato Chatkhaarro – Yumm Ooo” you can see food imagination in below freezing temperature.

વીર કરોળિયો જાળાવાળૉ
હેજી ..જી જી જી………!
ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય !
છગન કાકાનો ,મગન કાકાનો
મગન કાકાનો, ચણિયો…….

હે ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય:
એ ઉંચા ઉંચા બિલ્ડિંગ ઉપર કુદકા મારતો જાય
કુદકા મારતો જાય ને પાછો જાળા છોડ્તો જાય….
મારો દેશિ કરોળિયો હો….હો….જી……
હો જો જો મારો મારો દેશિ કરોળિયો હો….હો….જી…..!

A year back I enjoyed below spider-man creation but this one beats every creation.